How to turn off automatch

I keep getting random games and I end up having cancle every game, I NEED to know to turn off automatch.

Just create a custom game.

You can also alter your automatch preferences for opponent rank range, handicap, time control, and rules by clicking the “Settings” button in the upper-right of the Quick Match Finder dialog:


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Hi, can you describe your problem in more detail. It’s hard to guess what your problem really is.

You should only get a game when you requested one. For correspondence it’s easy to request multiple games at once.

I just had a look at your profile page. It looks like you are cancelling ladder games. When you participate in a ladder, players below can challenge you. The limit to this is 3 active challenges per ladder.

Ladder games are correspondence games, meaning you don’t have to play them live. You can make a move whenever you are online. The time restriction for them is about 1 move per day.

You can find a list of your active ladders on your home and profile page. To drop from a ladder (and therefore not receiving ladder challenges), follow the links to the ladders and click the drop ladder button.

Edit note: Thanks @Kosh