How to unblock everyone?


I blocked some users for accepting my games because I got beat bad by them and didn’t want to play them twice in a row.

I don’t know their names so how can I unblock them?


You blocked everyone?

Good question though. I would like to know this as well.

I think as a work around I could delete my account and create a new one but I would like to keep it. Maybe if there’s a button “unblock all” somewhere I didn’t find it would be perfect.

There is no “unblock all” option, you have to go manually find them. Blocking is kind of designed to be a bit more permanent than “I lost a game”. The only way I know of is to sort through the user list with the API and unblock anyone it finds that you’ve blocked. This will take time though, as there are many users, and requests are rate-limited to ensure server stability.

If you at least approximately know when it was, you could check the game history for names…
And next time report them as well :smiley:


Report people because they beat you bad in go, seems kinda harsh.

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Well duh, it was supposed to be a joke… Sorry I know irony does not translate well over written text. Next time I will try to be more obvious or try to refrain from writing silly jokes in general. (no promisses though…) I was just trying to gently hint that even blocking users because they beat me seems kind of wierd considering that there is like a bilion players much stronger then me and especially those strong ones have the most to teach me…

But the description would be amazing :smiley: “Dear moderator, please ban this user, he beat me by at least half a board. I do not think such people should be allowed to play here.”


It’s consider bad manners to win by a lot of points. >.>

That’s very true. It takes a well behaved ego and spirit not to crush your opponent when you can though :-D.

it’s just my psychology, If i lost badly to someone I find it much harder to play my best against as my very next game right away. Instead I’m thinking “I know that I will lose again”. I should learn not to but for now I just need unblock everyone I blocked.

A block list should be a handy feature maybe? Maybe this is a requested feature.

Is it bad for me to reveal that I chuckled while reading the OP? As I was reading, my wild imagination revealed youmu staring distastefully at his new found opponent’s username with the remark: “you dare come back for round 2 and put me through that sorcery again? Have at thee! (blocks user).” A very posh UK accent goes well with that one.

It was an interesting read x)

Silliness aside, having that one guy you can never beat is a good motivation to become stronger. I remember my first games of Go, I was trampled by that 23k. In my unwillingness to submit to his gleeful smirk, I became a stronger player xD

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Yeah, I know what you mean and good luck with unblocking… When nothing helps you will just have to sift trough all your lost games… Or start a new profile, I gues…

Is it bad that I imagined this scene? :smiley:


Exactly, exactly xD

I actually did something similar - blocked users I already played. My reason was simple, I am not in US or Asia time zone so there are not many players online and I do not want to play same names over and over again. It makes no sense.

I was really surprised when I discovered there is no way to manage blocked users or to even find them. My ideas was not to block them forever but just for a week or so.

yeah I fell into the same trap.

If you are getting smashed then you should just resign and ask for reviews and when you could have turned the game around and learn. I think as long as you keep playing then you should always play with the best of your ability otherwise you are look down upon your opponent.

Sorry for piggybacking, but… would it be possible (as a feature request maybe?) make it a little easier to show if an user was blocked by you?

Maybe showing slightly differently the “block” button (a different shade of red, a slightly different icon, anything)

I went crazy trying to find out a player that I had accidentally blocked. Sure enough, clicking the “block” button revealed I had “ignore chats” flagged, but it took me weeks to find out.

See List of blocked users - #12 by Kosh for current workaround. The links are also on my profile page as it happens.