How to undo move against AI?

I’m new and want to practise but cant figure out how.

I’d recommend playing against humans

I never play bots, but I would imagine that either you can’t undo in bot games period, or it’s up to the bot owner whether or not to program their bot to accept undos. If I ran a bot, I’d be concerned about abuses of the undo feature, and just have my bot decline all requests


As far as I’m aware, you cannot undo against any of the bots. Most bots actually send a responding move very quickly, giving little opportunity to even request an undo (and the bots might even still not properly handle/support such requests).


If only Allow undo request on your move


I have a memory it was possible with one of the bots, but maybe it disappeared?

Playing bot is good for beginner especially if possible to undo. Even ex pro player recommend beginner to play bot.

“Play bot = no time pressure, ability to comeback and see what happen.”

There is some truth altough I’m not sure at all that it’s good qualities to develop…

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actually, it’s fine to play bots and it’s fine to play humans. Just let people choose themselves what they prefer.

Beginners that prefer to play bots may not even begin playing without them.

Anyway undo doesn’t seem possible on OGS. You may want to buy an application, some cheap ones allow undo. When I started go in 2016 I used Champion Go on my phone. Perhaps other people can make different suggestions of bots which are suitable for beginners and which allow undo, I stopped playing bots a long time ago.

It sounds like in context she’s trying to reduce the barrier to entry if you find it hard to get human opponents. I’m also not sure how familiar she is with the sorts of bad habits weak bots can teach, as iirc she learned Go at a young age from her parents

Undo in general I would not recommend against anyone in any game if you want to learn and improve (except for genuine misclicks, arguably). Save the going back and exploring what could have happened for the review

Perhaps IgoWin allows undo?
I have recommended it in the past to new players who use a Windows computer/laptop at home.

Yes, igowin brought me from beginner to 8kyu in 3 months, it is freeware and has undo, and has level system.
then I started playing 19x19 using multigo + GNUgo bot while studying Kogo Joseki Dictionary.
After a year playing bot, I debut on offline tournament and I found that my level is 5kyu.