How to use Ladder?

I joined a ladder, but I don’t understand how it works. There is a space for a player name. What is that for? When I challenge another player, I get a question: whether I am ready. If I answer no, nothing happens. If I answer yes, I get the message “the player cannot be challenged”. I don’t know what to do now that I am in the ladder as the last player. Also, there is now a “1” in the column “dropped out of ladder” for me. What does that mean?

Did you check in the wiki? There are a lot explained there. If you still have questions after, i will gladly answer you.
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That’s simply to search a player, see if he’s in the ladder (like a friend for example) and how high. It’s not to invite him for a game

There are conditions to be able to challenge a player, you can check in the wiki. If my memory is fine, the players you can challenge are in blue, you can scroll up and reach a level where you can’t challenge anymore. Another condition is that each player can only be challenged by 3 players. The popup when looking at a player will tell you something like 2.3 meaning that this player challenged 2 and is challenged 3 times already.

As last one you have a huge choice. I advise you to challenge active players who still have a place for you.
Dropped out of ladder should mean that you accidentally … dropped out. It’s ok as you didn’t have anything to lose. Join again if necessary (if your name disapeared)

Let say i join the 19 ladder (so at the bottom)

In the middle of the ladder, players colors change to grey. I can’t challenge them. Near the bottom there is a player in grey too. This is,because he has 3 players already challenging him.


In the ladder you’re supposed to only challenge UP.
You must choose a player above you and challenge him, beat him and get his place on the ladder.
The goal is to climb the ladder as much as possible.

Similarly you can only be challenged by players that are below you. You can’t refuse a challenge.

Thank you for this link, it was very informative. Thanks to the others who answered, too. Now I feel more relaxed.

And I think the description implied that these are all correspondence games. No blitz or normal.

I’m still confused. I challenged a player above me who was blue. I get a question “are you ready to play”. What happens if yes or no is chosen? I chose yes, but nothing happened. So I clicked the Challenge button again, but this time got a message saying the player can’t be challenged. I’m sure this must make sense, but not to me. I expect to see a game board somewhere and be able to make a move. Am I assigned white or black?

Now when I am colored light gray. When I click on myself it says that I am challenging two players. But nothing is happening. There are no moves anywhere.

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Yes I suppose that could be clearer. It creates a correspondence game, and if you’re black, it’ll be your turn so your turn indicator will go up by one. If you’re white you probably won’t notice anything happening until your opponent makes a move.

But you can find the games in the usual places for correspondence, the home/overview page and your profile page.


No worry your games were created, it should be that you play white so you have to wait your opponent to play first
Your games should be in the list of games in your profile. For each of them, when you open them, you will notice a link to the ladder (in all the tools nearby). Like other correspondance games, you will be notified (indicator with number) each time it’s your turn to play.

Yes, you cannot challenge yourself (obviously). The ladder page gives you informations and let you challenge. It is not linked directly to the games.
To access the games and play, go to your profile.

Happy gaming!

This is your 2 games. In one it’s your turn, in the other one your opponent canceled (refused to play). In this last one, you should not gain rating points, but you should climb the ladder. And your opponent should be kicked out the ladder.

I had no idea I was supposed to look in my list of games. It doesn’t say that in the interface and it doesn’t say that in the Wiki. Maybe that is why people are not responding to their challenges!

Maybe the interface should show you your current challenges, so you can find them easily and the ladder will work better?


I think that’s only for Timeout not cancellation.

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You don’t get a challenge, the game starts immediately. You get a server notification and also there is the game counter in the top corner that cycles through your active games.

Near the bottom of my Profile is “Active Games (2)” and the actual boards are shown. I never would have found this myself. I think the interface should at least give a link to this section of the Profile, so people will play their games. Otherwise, how can Ladder work for new players added to it?

You get a notification link to the game and a your move counter and also the top of the home page.

I saw that you even don’t climb the ladder in case of cancelation. Weird that one can play the rabbit like this

That might be a bug… I think you’re meant to.

I was not notified of either game, either the one where I am white or the one where I am black. Unless notifications are subtle and hard to see.

Yes! The top of the home page shows links to both games. I don’t normally see the home page because I either play games, look at my profile, or look at the forum.

You linked the wrong game. He hasn’t completed any games yet. The cancelled one has a different opponent.

You might not get a notification if you’re the one that created the game… but the game counter in the corner still works to show how many games it is your move in.