How to use Leela zero on Lizzie to play self games

Hi guys, I was wondering how I make leela zero play “self-games” against itself, Apparently I can help it train if I make it do self games, but I held down x for commands none related to self play and when I pressed n to play against leela zero then changes human to leela zero it didn’t work. So my question is how do I make leela zero play self games against itself when I am using Lizzie.

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An interesting question, I would like to know if this is possible through the lizzie interface as well. Hopefully someone with more experience than myself can explain if/how this can be done.

What is the purpose?
If you want to contribute to Leela getting stronger you can install the latest version of Leela Zero and run the program. It will automatically contribute to training. This is not done through Lizzie.

If you want to see games played out on Leela for fun, it is probably easiest to do this with Sabaki.

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Um, I am confused by what u mean by automatically contribute to training, u mean everything i do on it contributes to training? and do you mean i can’t contribute to it getting stronger through lizzie? and no offence but you didn’t acutally answer my question is it possible to make it do self play on lizzie or what?

If you want Lizzie to play herself, you can just hold the enter key. It won’t be at its strongest, so if you want it to be stronger I would advice letting it run for a while until it has made a definite decision and then play it out manually.

As for training, that is done basically by allowing your gpu to simulate Leela Zero games in the background. If you don’t have a state of the art gpu, it will probably not be very significant to contribute to training the network, as the effort done by a thousand cpu’s is easily matched by a single good gpu. And since computing things costs electricity and thus money, I would advice against contributing to training without the proper equipment.

I don’t think Lizzie is made for leela zero to play against itself. It’s much easier to configure Sabaki to play these self-games.

No, you have to start it in a special mode.

If you want to contribute to getting leela-zero stronger, you don’t do it with lizzie.

If you want to contribute self-played games to make leela-zero stronger:

I want to help

Using your own hardware

You need a PC with a GPU, i.e. a discrete graphics card made by NVIDIA or AMD, preferably not too old, and with the most recent drivers installed.

It is possible to run the program without a GPU, but performance will be much lower. If your CPU is not very recent (Haswell or newer, Ryzen or newer), performance will be outright bad, and it’s probably of no use trying to join the distributed effort. But you can still play, especially if you are patient.


Head to the Github releases page at, download the latest release, unzip, and launch autogtp.exe. It will connect to the server automatically and do its work in the background, uploading results after each game. You can just close the autogtp window to stop it.

macOS and Linux

Follow the instructions below to compile the leelaz binary, then go into the autogtp subdirectory and follow the instructions there to build the autogtp binary. Copy the leelaz binary into the autogtp dir, and launch autogtp.

Using a Cloud provider

Many cloud companies offer free trials (or paid solutions, not discussed here) that are usable for helping the leela-zero project.

There are community maintained instructions available here: Running Leela Zero client on a Tesla V100 GPU for free (Google Cloud Free Trial, Microsoft Azure, Oracle cloud, etc)