How to use the Covid19 Lockdowns

Hey there, I guess most of you are affected or at least know many people who are affected by the lockdowns that are happening in most western countries right now. As a Go player and spare time teacher I started to give my group of friends an online lecture on KGS and they liked it (before we’re meeting once a week at a friends place and I tought them basic stuff and let them play against each other).

Now I really want to use the following weeks and get more people to try out Go online since it takes up quite some time to get used to the rules and basic ideas of the game which is now not really a problem.

Do you have ideas for easy infographics that you could share on social media? And also maybe there are people who are willing to give free beginners lectures at a certain hour in the day/week?

I know, Go players are always trying to spread the game but during these days we have an unique opportunity to use the time that bored people are trying to use :wink: