How unfork game?

i’m new here
i somehow clicked on finished game: fork
but now, when i want create my own new game, that old game i still promting me to do something with it.
i dont know how unfork it.


this i see everytime i click Create game:

i cannot pick size of playfield, ranked or unranked option

is it a bug ?

Try to hit the button in top left.
Try to create a demo game or something.
Last resort is to clear browser cache (only need to clear Online-go ones)

there is click Challenge, that user who I played that game with.
i clicked, it opened challenge. then i tried agani click Create game, if it dissapear, but not. It seems it will stay there forever

i log out. log in and now it is fine.
BUT during logging it, it has not ability to remember username, password. i have to all the time copy paste it.
there should be tickable Remember option during log in !!!