How Would Top Players React If It Was Discovered AlphaGo cheats?

Supposed AlphaGo can predict your next move by reading your inner speech (microwave imaging of your face reveals a lot) and used that to pick exactly the move that will beat it.

Would top players still play against it? Would they accept it as a fair competitor?

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I’m not sure if AIs are seen as ‘fair competitors’ these days. Not much competition when they play against humans, really. Apart from that I can’t say what pros would think, but reading body language has always played a part in playing games, a lot in some (say: poker), less so in others. So if an AI got really good at it (“This isn’t the face of a person who knows how to use my weakness in the lower right, so I’ll leave that aji there for a bit longer.”), that would just be part of the game for me.


Lee Sedol cheats is that’s what you call reading body language, psychology, meta gaming, physical presence etc. These were a key part of Lee Sedol’s strength, but they were useless against AlphaGo with Aja Huang as its emotionless emanuensis.

There was a nice quote from Lee about why he goes for risky devastating wins. He’s not just thinking about winning this game, he’s winning your next game against him too by crushing your spirit. If you are intimidated by him then you start second guessing and doubting yourself and don’t play your best.

P. S. AlphaGo retired several years ago so no one can play it.