How would you like a statistic tool for OGS on iOS?

Hey everyone! :smiley:

It’s been a while since last time I’ve written something here. I’ve been busy learning how to make iOS apps with my brother (I made a game, too :smile: )

First thing I noticed is the g0t stats? tool I made with @sefo before is down :frowning: So I was wondering if everyone would want a statistic tool like that for iOS devices?

For people who didn’t know about it before, the tool give you statistical information about an user on OGS, including

  • Total games played in each color
  • Win/loss ratio
  • Games played on different board sizes
  • Opponents information: highest ranked opponent, lowest ranked opponent, “most games played with” etc.

That’s what I remember about the old tool. I can make more for this one too, if you want.

And no, I won’t put ads in this app or try to squeeze money out of people. I just love statistic (come on, who doesn’t?) and thinking a nifty app on my phone would be cool. :smile:

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