Howto: Disable adverts on the Game page

Edit: This was posted before the announcement, Ads, OGS & You, was made. Previously, becoming a site-supporter would remove adverts, from all pages, for yourself only. Now we hope that if enough people become site-supporters we can remove adverts, from all pages, for all users.

This will significantly improve the OGS experience for everyone and will simultaneously aid the site’s development long term. You can help in this effort by becoming a site-supporter for as little as $1 per month.

I have been asked in private messages how to disable the adverts on the game page. Some users are having trouble finding the settings so I thought I’d post instructions here:

1. Open the sidebar by clicking on the top-left icon


2. Scroll to the bottom and open up the settings

Note the Support OGS link, if you can afford to then all adverts may be removed by subscribing there. Otherwise, just open the settings.


3. Toggle the Show ads on game page setting

By default this option is enabled. Disable it to remove adverts on the game page.

Adverts will still show on the home page etc. To remove all adverts you must become a site-supporter.


Just to add this, but I think zen mode also disables ads. So if you are not already doing zen mode(you should, the temptation of analyze, estimate, and chat should be much more distracting then ads.) then that is an option.

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Just for the record disabling the ad does NOT solve the shrinking board problem.

I don’t mind the ad, I just mind the fact that the change shrinks the board.

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Can you clarify? As far as I understand it, unsetting Show ads on the game page returns the game page to normal.

We don’t expect this to solve the home page or analysis mode layouts. @Anoek just posted that he will be investigating that in the morning.

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Yes, turning off ad the game page is OK

But even after turning off the ad the analysis mode and conditional move layout is still messed up. the board shrinks to a tiny stamp.

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Very nice, @Farraway, thanks :slight_smile:

How about putting the part about becoming a site supporter as #1, though? :smiley:


Bah; this is all ancient history now!


Let’s hope so :smiley: still a few dollars missing


Ad Free OGS! (91.3%)


Well if people are going to keep bumping this thread, I may as well edit the top post to reflect our new reality.

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