HTML5 Web Go Board, SGF Viewer/Editor Plugin For Chrome/Firefox/Wordpress

View and edit SGF files on the Web or your computer, in your browser

Ilya Kirillov’s Chrome/Firefox plugin (also works with Opera Next) is a full-blown SGF viewer & editor.

For Chrome
For Firefox
For Wordpress

I for one think it’s awesome! You can edit SGF and also open SGF you find on the Web. Try it on, for example, or any SGF link.

Found via the developer’s notice on L19, lots of info and discussion about it there.

Note: You need to mark this checkbox in the plugin’s settings on Chrome’s Extensions page

Here’s a nice animation I exported from the plugin (if you have installed the plugin, enter this SGF link in a new browser tab: (I made the URL “preformatted text” to prevent the embedding of the EidoGo player here):

jinshe007 9d (B) vs. Gan Siyang 2p (W)


edited and added the animation

Nice, this is veryy useful! I just wanted to complain, that there is no score estimator. BUT, then I saw the feedback in one of the extension comments:

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If you follow the thread on L19 mentioned above you will also see that the developer is planning to create a universal Go server client …

And re: Score Estimator: just keep in mind that any such thing can always only be a rough estimation, and any open borders will lead to a SE being confused, as will some false eyes and (AFAIK) certain Dame points.

Looks cool, thanks!

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a chrome extension to edit sgf files.
one of the best feature: you can export the game into a gif.


@Cactus_Juice tells me it’s compatible with Leela. I thought you folks might like to know. :]

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I’ve used it for months, it’s pretty solid!

This is a nice, open-source tool. There used be a web-based version as well, but it appears that the domain name registration lapsed and it was snatched up by a spam/scammer:

It seems it was just parked after lapsing—it’s usual for a domain to look like that after it happens. He’s probably regretting letting it happen, though: it’s a premium domain, so instead of +- 14 to renew, he’ll have to part with +- 85 USD to buy it anew. :Z
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@andysif, I’ve taken liberty to move your thread to an older, pre-existing thread (from 2015!)

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I love this forum so much <3 every other damn forum on the internet is like “hurr durr that topic is 2 weeks old, make a new one noob” and we’re like “hey, these are all saying the same thing! let’s collate that useful information into a coherent blob”