Hyperlinks should be regular well behaved hyperlinks

In many places on the site there are hyperlinks that aren’t real well behaved hyperlinks, but are rather some text elements with attached JS code that does some redirection. Sometimes this is very frustrating, i.e. when in an ongoing game I try to open a new tab with a player’s profile, the page with the game gets redirected to the profile, so I have either to duplicate the tab and do this redirection or quickly go forth and then back to continue watching the game. Another case is when I’m watching a game and receive a notification that someone’s made a move in one of my correspondence games: I have to go forth and back (causing extra load on the server) to make a move and continue wacthing the game (and if my opponent replies, I have to do this exercise as many times as the opponent replies).

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Middle mouse button clicking on usernames directly in game window opens them in new tab. Also middle clicking the i icon (after one left clicks the username to open the quick menu) will open the profile in a new tab.
I couldn’t find my notification settings in chrome so I couldn’t test how they work :frowning:

Thanks. I didn’t know this trick.

There is no middle mouse button on Macs/OS X but there it works with cmd+click for a new tab.

Are these shortcuts documented? A page on keyboard/mouse shortcuts would be very helpful.

They are browser shortcuts not OGS shortcuts.