I am 12k and won by 1.5 but I want to know how I can do better to reduce the Moyo of my opponent

here’s a reveiw of your game, https://online-go.com/review/84822, the best way to reduce is to do it early, so that there are more holes and space to live, but if you are trying to invade late game then it is easiest to start near the corners/sides, although a stronger player can correct me on that one if I am wrong

Thank you for the review

Blob’s review is a nice effort… and his conclusion of “do it early” is definitely on target…

Some of comments about the fuseki are incorrect… I reviewed a bit of early game and then had to go… good luck!

Thank you for the review

I finished going a bit further; and corrected a couple of mistakes I made

Thank you again, man