I am 7K. Looking for a teaching game against 3 kyu or stronger. Offering teaching game to 14 kyu or lower

Correspondance game only.


I’m 22kyu right now. Would you be able to help me out? I get the basics but sometimes I just don’t know what to do, especially in the openings.

Yes sure, I’ll start a game

i am 20k player, i am still new for the game, how to get teaching game with you? thanks before

correspondence game mean we can play at suitable time? i am pretty new in this site (and in the game :smile:

Hi, I’ll start a game for you!

I’m 13 kyu right now. Will you play a teaching game with me?

Hi there, would be very much up for getting some pointers! i’m recently 14kyu…


I would like a teaching game, more specifically to check out which part of the game to improve/ what to study.
I’m about 20k-22k right now.

Thank you

hi. i classified myself as 18k… don’t know exactly if its right. i am look for a teaching game with. can you help me. thanks in advance. gerald

Hi guys, I take Vianist for a game but this is the last one for now, I have too many teaching games

Have you found the 3kyu or higher you’re looking for?

Yes, I had a teaching game. I am 4/5 K now so I would be looking for a 1d or better :smile:
Thanx anyway!

Excellent! Good luck!

Ill take a teaching game if your cool with it.
More learning!
-Scientiam, 22 Kyu

Hi, are you still doing teaching games? I started playing about a week ago. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.