I am always taking white

So far in every tourney I was white(probably due to my rank)
Why is the color not randomized?


I don’t think that the uservoice suggestion is the most appropriate, as this is not a feature request but a bug report. A very annoying one.

stronger player takes white,
gor is 2d,
gor gets white all the time playing tournaments as the strongest participant

=> no bug.

The stronger player taking white rule does not apply to even games.

The stronger player is determined by a higher rating. So it applies to “even” (as in same rank) games.

In software development terms, it’s not a bug. The code is functioning as intended. Updating rules would be a feature request to software devs. At least in my experience as one. :smile: I guess there’s always different ways to do things.

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This is a tourney hence even games.
I liked the tourney concept on the start but now I am not really interested in 100% white “even” tourneys

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Hey folks, I’ll get this implemented this week.

This is now implemented and live on the server.

For even tournaments… including sitewide leaderboard tournaments color selection will be randomly decided.


Thanks Matthew!

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