I am looking for an opponent to play jubango


i am looking for a player who would like to play a jubango (10 games match) with me.

Few important things:

  1. I prefer slow games and feel best when there is no time limit during a game. I could also agree to play on 90 minutes + 1 minute byo (this is a time setting i used on KGS when i played my last jubango and it was fine). Anyway, if there is anyone willing to play with me, we can discuss time setting, but, as i said, i really enjoy slow games.

  2. I could play only one, maybe two games per week.

  3. There is no komi. So if the games are even, each of us would have advantage of playing black 5 times. Also, when there is a difference of 4 wins, we change handicap to BBW (and so on) - or stop jubango immediately if one of us wishes to.

  4. Currently i am 1k/1d KGS but used to be a little bit stronger (2d/3d KGS) and possibly i can restore some of my old strenght in the course of jubango. I prefer to play even or nearly even games (2 stones at most). I do not know if my OGS rank is accurate cause i did not play serious games here for a long time.

Anyone interested? It is best to send me a message, cause i do not visit this forum often.

PS. Actually i could also play jubango in correspondence. So i am waiting for up to 2 players for live jubango and 1 for correspondence :slight_smile:

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