I am such a bad person

Just downloaded the newly introduced fox mac client. It does not allow me to access with my old 1d account. So I had to begin as a 14kyu and have been bullying my way to 12kyu. This includes refuse of a draw offer.

Shall I go back to my almost dying windows pc to use my old account?

You don’t have to I think? You can choose your rank from 18k to 3d for new accounts. Maybe it’s different on Mac?

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What’s wrong with refusing draw offers?

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I tried, it does not work on this mac version. but you did remind me maybe i can wait for an upgrade.

nothing, i was surprised people do use it when losing 40 points

I was unable to understand what are you talking about and then finally noticed )

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And don’t worry about sandbagging. It’s not a great deal on Fox. Many pros play kyu accounts.

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Certainly the 3d–9d Fox rank-up series is the bread and butter of many super-strong youtubers or streamers. For instance, Yeonwoo has been doing one for ages.

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Take the good side, train yourself to find ways for quick victories with decisive moves

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Fox has a mac-client now? Awesome ^^

Link please. Don’t worry I’ll stay loyal : )


If you don’t know chinese, click on the middle link with mac in.

Be aware, it is also possible I did not handle the registration correctly so I stuck with 14kyu(there is a drop down list to choose rank, but I was not able to go down beyond 14kyu.) I was using wechat account to register also. With visitor type of registration, I was able to choose 1d and up to 3d.

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Haha, yeah, “had to”, it’s not like there’s a setting that would allow you to register as 3d.