I am trying to organize organize an online course for Go (e.g. on Udemy)

It is redicules there isn’t one already. This very simplistic Youtube video gets 320K views (https://youtu.be/5PTXdR8hLlQ) , yet you can not find an online course for Go on any platform, Udacity included (my favorite is Udemy but that is besides the point).
I emailed a platform provider in parallel, text:

I did not find an online Go (board game) anywhere.
Why this is a big deal:

1. It is a great game, and there are courses for chess by the 10’s.
2. It is played by hundreds of millions of people, more than any other boardgame.
3. It is related to ML topics, Monte Carlo, and the 2016 victory of AlphaGo over Lee Sedol was a headline grabbing event.
4. Because it is fun, and I found family members naturally falling in love with it, with little effort on my part.
5. It advances intuition and mathematical skills.

Why not me?
I play at a 18-15K level, no way nearly enough to present a course myself, but enough to appreciate the game.
Why you?
I just assume you might actively reach out to specialists when a certain course topic is missing.

(Answer: Just open a feature request, but don’t hope for much)


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