I can't disqualify a player from a tournament anymore

I’m a tournament director of Fast 1101 for DDK It’s stated that “!! players on vacation will be disqualified !!”

In past I was able to disqualify players on vacation using popup menu but the option is not available and it’s not possible to disqualify the player anymore.

Player BattleOh is on the long vacation and blocks the tournament.

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Maybe @dexonsmith knows something about this?

I think I have never seen that option as a TD.

I didn’t change anything with that. @Feijoa, do you know if/when that disappeared?

It’s been month or two, no more.

A month or two sounds about right; I briefly had access to those controls when I became a “tournament moderator” but now I can’t see them. There was also a thing for adjusting tournament points.


Oh it looks like something weird has happened, i cant do any tournament actions either despite the “tournament moderator” hammer ://

Has @anoek done something to it?


I’m seeing it too, it looks like when I go to any tournament I don’t have the “Disqualify” or “Adjust Points” buttons either, instead I only have “Kick”, which is the option that we’re supposed to see when the tournament isn’t started yet but not after.


Actually, it could fallout from one of the refactors I did. I’ll take a look today.


Yup, confirmed with a git-bisect. Filed Tournament moderation tools broken by f0a617aa009781d1fcbb7074df04e0ac7b68edb2 · Issue #2606 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub. Hopefully the fix won’t be too hard.

Not sure how I’d completely forgotten I did a major refactor (all I remembered was the small feature I added after???).


Thanks for the quick fix @dexonsmith ! I think you should be all set @jiroku.


Yes, it works now. Thanks!