I can't join or find games

Hi, I’m new to Go and the website and I haven’t been able to join or find any games. A few minutes ago, I logged in and tried to join a few games but I wasn’t allowed and then they all disappeared. I assume they started. Right now, I’ve been looking for a normal 9x9 game for ten minutes. The same thing happened the last time I logged in too.

Am I missing something or is it hard just to find games here? If it’s the latter, could you please recommend another site, with a bigger playerbase?

at the bottom of this page

“Show uneligible challenges” should be turned off - so you see only challenges you can accept
You can create your own challenge instead of waiting

you have [?] rank - it will become normal after few ranked games, but you may have more often than usual game cancellations before that

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I would recommend to create custom challenges. They are the fastest way to find a game.


If you see me here send me a challenge I ll play with you

Apparently, I don’t have permission to play.

Somebody invited me to a game manually and now I seem to be able to join games, but the stones look all messed up on my board. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Never heard about such bug.
What browser?


Firefox. Also, apparently I can’t join or find games again. I’m got a “You don’t have permission.” tab again when I tried to join a game…

Can you please make a screenshot of OGS when the message occurs

@anoek any ideas

First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of go!

The difficulty you’re having in finding a game confirms a known issue that the play page is rather confusing for newcomers. I’ve seen other players struggle when they first join. It’s unintuitive that the most efficient way to find games is to click “Create” button. Not many use the automatch and even if they do they might exclude each other by game setting requirements.

The graphical issue looks like your browser didn’t give access to HTML canvas data.

The message says exactly what I quoted, what do you need more screenshots for? Should I also send you nudes before I’m allowed to play?

This site is pure garbage.

We are thousands to enjoy it, and answering you politely to help you join. A screenshot helps many times to determine the reason.

Sorry if you lose patience, we know we are not the only server of go around, good luck.

It should be pretty obvious, but we need screenshots because nobody here recognises your problems in the slightest. We may be able to see what goes wrong with more information.
As far as I can find, the only time you ought to be able to see any messages mentioning permissions on OGS, it’s when you try doing things in group pages. There’s no such thing as “permission” to join a game, thus I doubt your message is part of OGS. A screenshot would help confirm this.

As far as I have seen, you haven’t followed up our repeated advice to create your own custom challenge yet.

It’s this big button, please try it and I bet it works: