I cant sign in with my facebook

i cant sign in with my faceboox
id : Xixi Xixi
i just start to play for 1 day play for 3 game(cant chat with opponent too) and then after that day i cant sign in

I am not a mod, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but you posted 3 days ago that you couldn’t sign in with google, and mark5000 said that you had been banned for score cheating, and then today you can’t sign in with facebook. My guess would be that if you haven’t appealed, the mods used some type of tools for determining if someone is trying to work around a ban that was given. They may have then banned your new account. This may have caused the account that you created through facebook to get banned(although again, I wouldn’t know).

The can’t chat with opponent is could be because you didn’t verify your email. OGS requires email verification to chat. It would say something in the chat bar stating that you needed email verification to chat. I don’t know if this is the issue or not, but “cant chat with opponent” can mean a few things, and so I tried to answer what I thought it might be.

To a bystander it would be easier to try and help you out if you added screenshots, although a mod might know more of the behind the scenes.