I dont really mind ads on OGS

As long as the ads don´t become annoying or interfere with the game its fine to have them. I feel the ads help (with money) the developers to make OGS a better place which is fine for me. With money developers could have betters servers or advertise OGS so we have more players or even buy the right of books and movies like AlphaGo Movie or Surrounding Game so ppl could watch it here. This are just some of my ideas, what do you think about this?

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By default there are no ads now. But option to enable ads would be fine.

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Don’t wanna speak for OGS but basically from what I have gathered from all the topics that were discussed about this - ads were such a small income compared to donations (and not able to guarantee decency and not-distractivness) that it was just not worth the hassle.

And while you don’t mind, some other players might, and we would not want to discourage potential new players from picking our server :). For the record as long there are none on the game page I do not mind either, but it feels nicer without them :slight_smile:


I would like ads for go materials/books etc… :slight_smile:

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As a consolation prize, you get to see OGS’ self-ad all day. :slight_smile: