I don't understand chinese rules (solved)

Can someone please explain to me how this should be a win for white under japanese rules but is a loss under chinese rules? :exploding_head: I was so proud when I thought I would have won by half a point :pleading_face:
(black has a prisoner, white doesn’t, komi is 3,5)


Japanese scoring

Black 17
White 14+3.5=17.5
Result white wins by 0.5

Chinese scoring

Black 43
White 38+4.5=42.5
Result black wins by 0.5

The difference observed is that in Chinese scoring, white gets 1 point for each handicap stone black has to account for stones counting towards score in Chinese but not Japanese. This way in both formats, handicap stones only change influence not score. Unfortunately in this case it turned the result of the half point game. Well played though. You made a big comeback to bring it so close.


Thanks for the fast answer!
So prisoners aren’t worth anything under chinese rules - only the surrounded territory on the board matters? And komi = komi + 1 for each handicap stone?
So there’s no reason to ever stop putting stones in enemy teritory as long as there is the slightest of chances to make something happen? :open_mouth:

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Japanese equals territory plus captures
Chinese equals territory plus stones on board

That’s correct, but putting your stones on the board and taking the opponents off has a comparable effect.


From a scoring point of view, as long as there are no other moves on the board that are valuable, this is technically true. However, playing meaningless moves after a game is over to try and trick your opponent who is just passing over and over is against site ToS as it prevents your opponent from continuing to a new game, so please don’t try this. Thanks


I kind of feel the need to add that the intention was to understand it from a rules point of view and that I’m aware that common sense still applies.


I’m very glad that that applies to you, but it’s actually a problem that we deal with a lot and so it was important I clarify here for all the readers, not just you, that that kind of behaviour is not accepted here, even if from a rules point of view it sometimes doesn’t cost you any points. Hope I’ve helped resolve your other questions :slight_smile: feel free to ask more any time.