I don't understand how suggested move would work, 9x9

In this game

At move 50 AI suggests J6, it seems “right” but I don’t get why, variations I tried just get my stones killed in top right.

I added a variation.

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Let’s do it in old style then. With pictures.

J6 is atari. White can play A or B.

If it’s A black can set up snapback like this, white is captured:

If they play B, then black can throw-in making a ko like this:

White can’t connect, they would be captured immediately. They have to take. Because of ko rule, black can’t recapture immediately. Black can play a ko threat like this.

If white plays in top-right to finish the ko, black captures bottom-left.

If white plays in bottom-left, black recaptures the ko. And white has no threats. Next move 5 white stones will be captured.


Ah, I see! I would use the bottom left group! I completely missed that, I thought that part of the board dead and done.

Thank you!