I feel like this needs live OGS kibitzing: Shibano Toramaru 7p vs AI (abematv)

The link shows shogi at the end. lol


There’s a shoji symbol in the lower left corner of the screen - I’m assuming it’s the show’s logo?

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also - it’s a really intense game and Shibano is running short on time

That 30 sec timer really ramps up the tension!

white has to make two weak groups live in the middle - yikes

Please create a demo and kibitz in the demo chat. This is hurting my eyes.


sorry about that - I didn’t realize this wouldn’t be appropriate for a discussion thread - I’ve been on and off my 'puter, so I didn’t know if I could track the entire game move-by-move

I also didn’t know how to invite people to a demo, so i figured I’d be talking to myself

again, sorry if I stepped on any toes

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I think this is fine for a highlights play by play. If others don’t want to read it they can just mute the thread.

For future reference, if you do have the time to watch the whole game and did want to relay the match onto a demo board, feel free to use the ‘call a moderator’ button on the right hand side game menu and request an announcement and we should be able to hook you up :slight_smile:

And of course you can also post here saying “I’m hosting a relay over at ~link to your demo board~”


Thanks for the how-to: I was actually wondering that exact thing last night.

By the way - does anyone have the result of the match or a link to an SGF of the game? According to the on-screen information, it looked like AQZ was in a pretty solid lead for most of the game, but it would be interesting to see where the turning points were, etc.

Also - if anybody has similar results or SGF files for the AQZ match against Nakamura Sumire from last week that would be great.

I’ve had a surprisingly hard time finding any other info about these 2 matches, besides various forum posts announcing them… (on reddit, etc)

any sgf out there?


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Don’t know who created the demo, but you can transcribe it from this video if you want.


Great idea, just starting now… should be finished in about half an hour :slight_smile: https://online-go.com/demo/view/404661

Edit: finished transcribing video,

Edit : game was incomplete but smurph got the full game here


thank you both!

Unfortunately, that video has only about 1/2 of that game - on TV they took it to the very end, and both sides passed, etc - so the whole empty middle chunk there got filled in

thanks… it seemed like a weird place to end :confused: I’ll finish transcribing if you can find anywhere a video of the whole thing

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I wish you luck - I’ve been trying different google terms for a few days now, and checking the usual sites that chronicle SGFs (gokifu, et al) but these have been absent so far…

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Thanks, he jumps straight from mv 181 to the ending position for some reason. I’ve fixed the demo board to go up to move 181 and I guess if we can’t find any other sources that show the move by move continuation I’ll just fill in the gaps.

according to


Great find smurph! I kicked off a full strength review for it too