I keep getting Black

I know that it is hard to be sure when a RNG has a bug :grinning:


Nonetheless, this is ridiculous. I must have gotten Black 9 times in my last 10 games. I’ll climb on that branch and say it: nigiri has a bug.

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Statistically speaking, I bet it’s working fine.

Getting Black 9 or more times in a sequence of 10 games should happen about once per 100 times for every random 10 games that you check; there’s 210 = 1024 ways to assign black and white colours to a sequence of 10 games, and 11 of those assignments contain black at least 9 times. So it’s not that uncommon. There’s more than enough users on the site who could notice such a thing and find it peculiar enough to claim it’s a bug, so I’d say your bug report is to be expected to a certain extend :slight_smile:

Perhaps if it keeps happening for another 10 or 20 games, there’s reason to become suspicious.


Also, my understanding is that by default, this site
assigns Black to the weaker player, rather than by nigiri.
For games not created by you, did you ask your opponents about the settings?

For games created by you, did you use only
Your Color ​ ​ Random
rather than
Your Color ​ ​ Automatic

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This should not be the case when colour is set to random. I remember a bug where the handicap would be based on the difference in rank, but the player that played black being decided randomly, resulting in the wrong player getting the handicap in those cases where the stronger player got black.

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Is Random now the default? ​ I remember at some point changing from
Automatic to Random, but the default might’ve changed in the meantime.

IMO the best algo is the one used (even today, I think) on freechess.org: look at the short term history of both players, maybe 3 games back, maybe filtered only to games of normal length to prevent abuse; if, within this window, there is a slot where the players had different colors, pick the most recent such slot and assign the opposite colors. Only when players had the same color in N games back revert to pseudo random assignment.

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BTW, trying to document the real statistics about my game history (because the problem in fact feels worse than 1/10), I find that the game history is quite hard to use. First, the items in the list are not real links but some javascript goo, and so “Open link in other tab” doesn’t work; second, when I click on an item to inspect a game, then “go back”, I don’t keep my place in the page (as with normal links) but get thrown back to the top of the page with the graphs and what not, and have to scroll back down to open the next item. As if this wasn’t bad enough it’s also impossible for me to see which color I had in a game without clicking on it. I’m talking about the bottom part of my “profile” page, is there another way to get at my history?

Some food for thought about improving this (mostly great) site, I hope.


I can’t help with most of the issues but at least this one is not a problem. The black and white stones in the first column show your colour.

What about the grey ones? In fact I think there are multiple shades of grey. 50 ? :slight_smile:

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Gray are annulled games… The whole line is greyed out. But two shades of grey to me.

E.g. this looks like white, black, annulled white, annulled black to me.


50 was an overstatement I could not resist, but I positively see 3 shades of grey. And I see at least one normally finished game that is grey.

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Indeed I guess it’s hard to make that much distinction between shades of grey!

In case it helps, I think the game name in the list is a real link, so you could try clicking that.


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