I keep having auto-resignation with correspondence games

Two games I’ve played now have been lost due to auto-resignation. What in the world happened?

Which games specifically?

I was re-reading my games list - turns out that I had entered a Live tournament about which I forgot, and just clicked in as I was going through my regular games list. I was auto-resigned because I was on the site but not playing on that one board.

I’d appreciate not getting resigned from live games in the future just because I step away for a couple of minutes and my opponent gets impatient.

I can certainly understand your frustration. This was a conscious decision we made to deal with escapers. We give you two minutes to return to a live game to compensate for disconnections but if you are otherwise not on the game board then we’ll auto-resign you to keep your opponent from having to wait the full clock duration. It’s not about your opponent being impatient, but rather creating a better experience and protecting those players who are actively playing.

This was a heavily requested feature and we don’t have any plans to change it in the future. The best suggestion I have is to be aware of the tournaments you sign up for. We’ll send you a notification when one starts and we’ll send you a notification when a game starts. Live tournaments are guaranteed to start at their designated start time so you can count on it from a scheduling perspective.