I’m looking for a teacher (finished game)

Hi, I’m 25 kyu and I’ve been playing for almost a month. I’m looking for a teacher to help me improve as fast as possible. I’m willing to learn , Welcome any help or tips!

I’m happy to help if i can via correspondence games.

Ok, thanks! I will send you a challenge :smile:

the usual road i recommend for beginners:
~50 games of 9X9 to get used to the basic tactics. can be played on goquest (phone app) or against a bot.
moving between goproblems.com and gochild for problems, gochild problem sets have a nice structure, which makes it easy to see if you properly understood a topic.
after getting to about 15k in goproblems.com, or about 1200 in goquest, it should be easier to find people on your lvl to play with on this server, or others. and i do think that theoretical stuff shouldnt be learned before that level anyway. (senseis library for very basic opening theory might be nice after getting to 15k, before the first real 19X19 game)

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