I made an app to upload GoQuest games to your OGS library

As the Github says “Allez is a Node tool to upload GoQuest games to OGS for AI analysis.” It checks your GoQuest profile every 3 minutes and if it finds a new game uploads it to OGS. You can checkout the code here GitHub - andrewallred/allez: Node tool to upload GoQuest games to OGS for AI analysis

Right now it’s not usable without setting it up to run yourself, including getting all the config, etc. but if people are interested I could look into how to set it up so that anyone could use it. I love OGS but also play a lot of GoQuest on my phone and figured it’d be useful to be able to analyze GoQuest games. Let me know if you agree!


I do .
There many games between quite strong players there (pros included), and I still appreciate go on 13x13 online.

I do too,(both interested in an app and loving both OGS and GoQuest) Right now I’m copying the raw text from GoQuest into gokibitz in order to get an sgf that I can review and analyze on OGS. Right now looking into a workaround when the raw text outputs a rotated board.

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Yeah, that’ll be helpful. If I understand correctly, GoQuest doesn’t permanently keep kifus.

Qoquest has the strict minimum. A edit and a history of the games. I dunno the exact permanency. You cannot import/export and cannot keep variations. It has no chat functionalities too.

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