I might be conducting research on Go and cognition! Yay!

I’m a graduate student studying education and working toward a master’s in curriculum and instruction. I have curried a lot of favor with the professors and am currently arguing for a research design that would work with cohorts in an elementary, middle-school, and secondary context in the field of cognition development. My proposal would compare Go training and play (on the 9x9 due to time constraints) with several other interventions as well as with a control group. It would compare those interventions with performances on exams designed to measure various skills in cognitive domains such as spatial reasoning, reaction time, etc.

Is anybody here interested in the research? Any suggestions? Are there any questions you’d like to see included in the research? I appreciate any and all responses! :smiley:

Long-term, I’d love to see if blitz, live, and correspondence habits have different effects. Sadly, in my area you have to start with just teaching the game itself :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note: if our findings are interesting, we’ll be looking for people willing to do replication studies. Plug the work!


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may be you like this seminar:


                                          INNER DISCIPLINE

Dario Colombera

Since the laws of life are worldly known and easy to understand, our refusal to consider them in our everyday lives, although the evident, ongoing global mass extinctions, cannot be only due to ignorance or stupidity, but to a kind of diffuse mental illness. Therefore, the initial aim of this research was to find out the basic cognition, which is necessary to individuate and solve our primary existential problems. The most astonishing result of this investigation was the discovery of an innovative discipline, totally deduced from the acquisitions of modern zoology, with which every person may individuate and cure the usual but unknown insanity of his mind. Go, interpreted as an evolutionary model, is one of the basic element of this discipline. Since then, I try to divulge it, in order to convince everybody that we shall be capable to maintain our status and richness if and only if the achievements of modern zoology, i. e. the laws of life, will be all worldly understood and respected.

Hi Forensicator!

I study sociology and now i doing a master in investigation through the arts. I’m specialized in sociology of art and especially in sociology of game. Now i’m doing my tesis work in game (game in general, not only Go or Board games, but are my favorites) as a tool for education, self-make and social intervention. Obviously, i’m Go player and a really game lover, for these reason, Go have an important part in my work, and I can say that is one motor of it.

For all of these reason i’m really interested in your work and if i can help you in some thing, i will really pleasure of it. I hope that your investigation work is going in the good way.
I’m really interested too in talk with you, LinuxGooo, about all of these, but with more calm if you want.

For an easiest contact I leave my e-mail: koldogdp@gmail.com