I need help in this game

hello all :im losing level, becouse i dont have teacher, and forget ideas, any can help rewied is game https://online-go.com/game/19621360
Alma Confundida.

Just “peer” kind of thoughts (I too am DDK).

In Dywrin’s Basics series, he teaches us to play into the biggest sides first.

So this means the “basic strategy” moves for Move 18 would have been C6, O17, F17 or C14.

I think Dwyrin would have said “why would you fight over this small space when there are much bigger things to go after”.

I feel like (at DDK level at least) D17 is suspect because it doesn’t really seal the bottom left corner, so what is the point of it? After G4 went to black it would seem much bigger because then there would be unbroken influence facing the centre for a play at territory in the centre later.

In regards to Move 32, I recall being told recently (Mark5000?) that the bulge is a must-play.

I don’t understand what B7 was trying to do. It seems very small, endgamey, unless it has some thing that I can’t see? O17 also seems big at this point, because not only is it the enclosure, but it gets the ladder on D7. (I don’t understand why white didn’t start that ladder, instead of ataring the other way, either on the next move.)

B8 repeats the small second line push - what is the objective here? Even without spotting the Bulge, “Corners first, then sides, then centre” tell us that the top right appears way more important.

If the E8 area was black influence facing the centre, then J5 would make sense, trying to grow a solid wall at the bottom and maybe shoulder hitting or capping R7 as well to grow that.

But since white has easy access into this area already, E8 doesn’t seem to have a large territory goal that I can see.

At Move 47 you finally played R7, and started securing that corner and side area, as per basic strategy. I guess it is no suprise that this is where the AI graph turned in your favour for a while, especially because white was slow to respond - white wasted at least one move letting you get bigger up there.

In fact, according to the AI, you fought back with this to about even. It’s a shame you didn’t see that white was dead in the top right if you played T16 (I think!), but maybe not a big deal.

What was more of a big deal was letting white cut through your group around move 75. Maybe growing the centre like that looks worth the sacrifice? It might have indeed been I guess, if you had been able to kill the invasion.

On that topic, it seems like you know that you need to keep your distance from the thing you are trying to kill, but you wasted the first defence move with N9 when that direction already lead to black!

Black K7, strengthening your one weak stone there and blocking the line from the white invader to a white side, might have been the way to go.

Just some thoughts!



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