I need help to improve

Hi everyone!

I’ve been playing go for about 3 years now. I’ve been trying to improve my game but I have been stuck between 15-12 kyu for a long time. I’ve been reading books and watching video (nick sibicky, haylee, etc…) to get better and it helps me understand the game better and make better decisions about my moves. Nonetheless, I still end up losing to anyone 12k and lower. I feel very discouraged, can someone help me out a little bit?

Here is a sample game I recently had against a similar level player:

or another against a stronger player (6k):

Thank you for helping me out!



I have added some comments and variants for the game:

In general I think you have been trying to attack very hard but your reading isn’t quite good enough for that. So you end up weaker after an attack. I would recommend doing some Tsumego (problems/puzzles) so you get a better feeling for shapes and moves to attack and defend.


Here’s a quick review of the second game.

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Thank you very much for the reviews. I will try to get better at reading and maybe play a bit more defensively in the meantime!