I need someone to help teach me!

I’ve played the game a little bit now and understand the basics of the game, but I can’t seem to get any better just playing mindlessly against computers or other people that all really know what they’re doing. I was wondering if anyone would want to help me learn basic strategies and techniques of the game!


Do you have a preference for live vs correspondence? If you want to play a live game it would help to know what times you are available to play.

Out of all people to impersonate, I doubt this one is a good pick. xD

You should probably walk the path of every online Go player known to man:

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it varies, but i’m online a lot and if someone messages i could make time ^^ sorry that’s not too concrete

Thanks! and yea it’s a joke with a co-worker, my profile pic is jeb bush as well

Oh by the way, I know you asked for a teaching game but judging by your current game I doubt you know enough basics to benefit much from a teaching game. I’d compare it to asking for a lesson in writing prose when you have yet to learn the vocabulary.

To make the best use of people’s time, I suggest you at least complete the IWTG course and read RMG 1.

This is also to your own benefit, because very few people could actually offer a similarly good introduction, and many introduce mistakes and confound/confuse things when they try.

Thanks again! yea i went through an interactive tutorial and i do well on small predetermined games like that my issue comes with short sighted moves and large picture… just gotta practice and learn from my mistakes

For some basic strategies you can take a look at Stone Development for Beginners by mark5000