I need someone to teach me how to play go well

Hi I am a fairly new Go player and I need someone to help me become the best player I can possibly be. Thank you for reading.

I could play a teaching game with you. What settings would you prefer?


Looking at your last couple games:

  • Start out in front of corners. So, play on 4-4 or 3-4 points in front of at least two corners before doing anything else. If you play 3-4, you might want to spend even another move right away to make an enclosure.
  • Extend from corners to sides.
  • Make beginning bases on the sides using two point extensions. Use one point jumps to the centre to keep your head up when getting surrounded.
  • When attacking, do not immediately play contact moves. Playing a contact move, you are always one stone behind in every race. First make approach moves that do not play directly against your opponent’s stones, like one point or knight’s move approaches: build influence first! Contact moves are for when you have enough back-up in the area to at least equalize the fight.

That’s some basics to get you started. Hope it helps.

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