I often lose when it comes to close combat fighting

The title is self explanatory. :worried:

Here’s an example of the problems that often occurs during my games.

I played as Black. It was a correspondence game, but a bit weird (it ended in less than 4 hours). So let’s say it was a long live game.

Given that my fuseki was mediocre, as my opponent pointed out in his variations, and given that I could have made many other mistakes during the game, what I’d like to focus on in this game is reading and tactics during close combat.

I found myself in a similar situation during 3 recent live games (on IGS though). I managed to win one, but I lost the other 2. And this is the 3rd loss I’m suffering after a close combat fight.

The problem arose around move 95. From that point on my opponent threatened to either cut off and kill my center group (as he in fact did, in the end) or to cause trouble to my upper left group.

In the game I decided to defend my corner group, and I ended up being killed.

So I’m looking for some help to answer these questions.

  1. was my decision to help the corner group bad, in the beginning? Should I have focused on helping my center group?
  2. after defending my corner group, was there a way to save my center stones?
  3. is there a way/method to improve one’s reading during such fights? I already do lots of tsumego, but never found problems that resembled some complicated mid-game situations.

Thank you in advance. :relieved:

How do you solve tsumego? How much? And weekly or daily?

I general ‘easiest’ thing to do is always ensure that your stones are connected to living group or there are enough space to form the two eyes on their own.

@Kungfu_Panda: I usually go for 8-10 a day. I can go up to 30 a day, if I have time (and I’m not too tired).
I try to solve it from the first move to the very end, evaluating each variation. If I’m not sure, I leave the problem alone and I’ll do it some days later. If I’m sure I go and see the solution (just to see if I’ve spotted all the variations).

@Oni: that’s ok, but sometime this is simply not possible. :smile:

@emanume_ema well that just something, I try to aim in my games too. : )

@Oni: that’s my aim too :smiley: but especially when I play against stronger players, this often means that I’m making slow moves while they play fast and light moves, that spread all over the board.
Sooner or later I’ll have to invade… and I’ll have to fight in an enemy environment. :frowning:

And that’s why I’d like to be able to read if I’ll ever be able to live, and which moves can make me alive entire, and which moves can make me alive sacrificing some stones.

And usually I’m not able to go that far. :grin:

I didn’t review the game but from this comment it sounds like you usually invade a move or two late.When you feel like your opponent is starting to make a moyo get in there before it’s almost territory

@noahthefuzzy: not exactly :slight_smile: it was just a comment in response to Oni’s one. I usually invade at the right timing (I suppose).

My problems usually arise when there’s a complicate fight going (with both players having many weak groups struggling). In those cases I just blunder or miss that one move that could save me (or that at least wouldn’t kill my group immediately).