I see only one game where it's my move, but OGS says two

The black circle had one more than games that I know about. What should I do?

Hi there, I’ve fixed this up for you… check and see if it’s as expected

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Sorry. No. I still have “1” showing in the black circle. When I click on it I get to my game with xiaodao, and it’s his move, not mine.

I don’t know if this helps but it happens to me quite a lot because I play using 3 different devices. Clicking on home always fixes it for me.

Home doesn’t help me. Too bad.

I wonder about my game with xiaodao. I see it as his move, with only 8 hours left. Do he also see it as his turn to move?

Reload and check now?

He’ll still see it as his turn

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Fixed! Thanks.

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