I think analysis board of my opponent bled into our game

I played this game today https://online-go.com/game/24644963 and I timed out for the weirdest reason:
In the last 10 moves or so, my stones started to momentarily flash with numbers on them, like they seem in analysis mode. Either the stone I was trying to place, or a random one. I couldn’t screenshot or anything, it was too fast. I couldn’t tell what’s going on. :woman_shrugging:t2:
At the moment I didn’t notice, but now I see that my opponent started a review mid-game, I think it somehow got tangled with our actual game.


3 minutes main time, followed by 1 10 seconds periods…

…and being able to fit also a review in between??? Amazing!
I wouldn’t be able to play 10 moves with that time setting :grin:

Well, the review is almost empty: just one meaningless move. Probably he hit the review link inadvertently.

Could the numbers that you saw be the countdown before timeout?

Does OGS show numbers on the stones during countdown? It didn’t happen in all moves anyway and it only showed for less than a second.

I saw they habitually do that thing with the review :woman_shrugging:

I only play correspondence, so I can’t really tell, but I think I saw that in some Dwyrin’s video.
When last 10 seconds occur, there should be voice countdown and numbers on stones, according with your settings.

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Even so, it wasn’t even the stone I placed, it appeared before placing my stone in one instance and in another spot in another.

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