I think reviews should be able to be made private to student

This is a feature I would like to have added since I have been doing a few reviews recently and a player is leaving some comments that don’t pertain to the game, but instead target my teaching style. I would like a way to change this, so I feel more comfortable reviewing.

This may be an area where we have a gap. Our games can be private, and iirc a review of a private game is private also so you may consider making your games private. Demo games can also be private… would this work for you? I do think it would be useful to have a review of a public game be able to be private.

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I am reviewing for others that play a none private game, and request a review on the forums. I am not sure if any of those work if they do please let me know.

I don’t think it’s a good thing to do private reviews on public games that are posted on the forums for reviewing.
Private reviews are surely needed for teachers who cost money and don’t want to share the review for a bigger audience.
If people ask for a review in the forums I feel it’s public and so the review should also be public.
In this case maybe you could talk to the person who is making comments about your teaching style.

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Whatever review the reviewer chooses to do is simply up to them regardless if they are paid or not. If the reviewer is the one who wants the game private for the student it should be up to him since he or she is the one donating the time. Not the other way around. The reviewer gets little to nothing out of the review, and making them feel less pressure to get everything 100% accurate increases the odds of them doing a review. I think making the reviewer seem more comfortable would be a better thing for the weaker players. Not everyone is going to be right 100% all the time, but that is okay as long as the student learns somethings. If there is simply nothing that can be done on this issue I will simply stop reviewing on this forum. I have seen this same thing happen on kgs, and people just simply quit reviewing, as will I and many others leaving a bad taste in the community.

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