I think the current rank should be shown

I think for creating games or the profil picture ingame they shoud shown the rank that matches the game type.
For example my overall rating is 9k and my correspondence is 5k
My opponent 4k did wanted give me handicap because she saw only my overal rating,
A more mean player could have let here in a trap.
So to minimalise this potential i think my suggestion would be good

We used to use all those extra ranks for match making, but the community petitioned for a long time for that to be changed and eventually it was.
When anoek did the latest rating system update, he ran some experiments to see which option was more accurate, and found surprisingly that overall rank was a better predictor for game outcome than than the specific rank for that size/time combination.

Thanks dor the answer

But the rating change in the correspodence will be caluclated with the correspondence ratings?

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here.

i meant for example if i win. Is the lose of rating points from my oponent calculated with my overall rating or with my correspodence rating?

As I understand it, if you win a correspondence game, your over and correspondence ratings both go up based on your opponent’s overall rating, and your opponents overall and correspondence ratings both go down based on your overall rating.

It used to be overall compared to overall and corr compared to corr, but the change was made to have all ratings compare and adjust based on the opponent’s overall rating so that the ratings would be more comparable.

Please before opening a suggestion topic use the search because there are very similar topics already.

Specific ratings are informative only, like statistics. The overall rating is the one used for all the pairing.
It seems that this design is working sufficiently good to not go on a major overhaul with a lot of work.

I let you read the other topics for more.

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