I want to learn to handle invasions (newbie)


I’m a new Go player. I want to play many 9x9 games for a start. Like… 100.Played a few against Gnugo 10k here, now down to handicap 3 I am still winning. But I feel this is because Gnugo did not start aggressive invasions.

Because, if our areas are split in half,everything is peaceful but now opponent starts to invade, I am panicking. I have no idea what to do then. Opp often manages to destroy my beautiful area from inside… I am going panik mode, stupid and make mistakes and lose many stones… I guess it is about preventing him to live… but how…?

Learning life+death? Doing exercises? I wish you’d know some 9x9 youtube footage with games where invasions and fights are a thing…

thx! best regards

Life and death will help a lot, I recommend these two at start:
Exercises for Beginners (mark5000) , Cho Chikun Elementary
EDIT: If you cant find solution to some more difficult ones skip them, its normal at start.

Another thing that helped me a lot at start was playing even games vs GnuGo. Be prepared to get slaughtered, but if you try to invade his territory you will get good answers very quickly. From that you will learn how to build safe territory and what to look for, when you feel ready play against other beginners - they are far less scary compared to GnuGo.

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I would propose this ‘Zen’ style advice. Taken from one of In-Seong Hwang lectures.

There is no 3rd color on the board. There is only black and white. If black is strong, white is weak. If black is weak, white is strong.

There are 2 ways to fight. You can push and try to use every opponents weakness, which requires lots of precise reading and skill. Or you can make your stones strong, and let opponents stones die on their own.

Hey thanks guys, I started solving more life and death exercises and will try Gnugo with no handicap…