I want to make go friends in my city (mumbai) :)

Does anyone know of some place where go is played in mumbai or someone that is from mumbai and willing to meetup for matches. I have not played anything but internet go and want to play people.

American Go Association page Go Organizations Around the World (http://www.usgo.org/go-organizations-around-world) does not list India. Strange.

The DragonGoServer (DGS) user list has only 3 “active” who identify India as country and a total of only 36 extant accounts

I couldn’t find an India room at KGS.

Surprising. Maybe it would be safer for you to take up chess or blackjack.

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blackjack as a replacement for go… kidding?

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well thanks for the research though

I guess you should contact the Indo Amateur Go Association http://www.intergofed.org/members/members-pages-asia/india.html


You might want to try OGS :wink:

@11144 that would be a good place to ask.


To @11144: Are you on FB?

There are two Indian Go groups/pages I know of, maybe you can find IRL Go buddies on one of these?

[quote]A Go community in India. Group of Go enthusiasts who live in or around India. A community to discuss and share ideas, experience and play online.

We play at “India Go Club” Room at http://www.gokgs.com/

  • India Go Baduk Weiqi Board Game, a community page (“155 people like this”, but of course probably many people from outside of India, I’m one of them :wink: )

To @Aten:

After having visited the link @mlopezviedma gave:

OIC, when I try to visit the domain gogame.co.in in the contact email address, I’m redirected to current-solutions.us which seems to be some construction company.

Is this what you’re referring to?

This I don’t understand.

This I understand even less.

Maybe I’m being dense … could you please explain it like you’d explain for a five year old kid? :slight_smile: Maybe the difficulty is that you’re using somewhat poetic language that flies miles over my head … there may be ambiguities which get lost, too, or worse: mis(?)interpreted as being … unhelpful … or maybe even insulting … and I wonder whether it might be helpful to at least add some explaining words for the plebs (to which I count myself)? :wink:

Generalisation perhaps? But in the following you present a friendlier interpretation:

I know (albeit virtually) at least four Indians who play Go, so then these would be “simpler specimens” of that population? :wink: Too dumb NOT to play Go? That’s funny :smiley:

[quote=“Aten, post:7, topic:12486”]
What is the popular board game in India?
[/quote]I cannot say what “the popular board game” is but from my childhood in India (in the 1960s) I remember that we often played Carrom.

This isn’t the answer you are looking for but could you consider setting up a go club in your town/city if there isn’t one. It would be an investment as you would probably be the strongest player for a while but in a few months/years time you will have even opponents to play!


I believe I’ve seen at least one 3d on OGS with Indian origin. Also, there are Indian players at every WAGC. Fewer players, yes, but that means the OP might have the chance to become a national champion if he/she keeps playing :wink:


I think the caveat is that ‘white men can’t jump’ is supposed to be a misconception in the context it seems to be used here (I just googled it) and thus he secretly (very secretly) means that Indians actually can play go but every one else thinks we can’t.

And, well, chess is popular ‘enough’ here, but I like go more, much less memory intensive I think. And go reading is somehow fun while I find chess reading exhausting, that being said I am not a bad chess player given I have no formal training and play like once in a blue moon.


I didn’t mean anything, I thought I’d kiddingly write “maybe Indians can’t play Go” but decided someone would take it seriously and maybe have a fit. Including the reference to White Men Can’t Jump was a c.y.a. move. Except for a connection with basketball, I thought it was a book on sociology or the like; turns out it’s an old comedy film.

Oh, just noticed that a couple previous replies show even that didn’t work. Which should I have used when the humor seems obvious (to me)? :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent::wink::laughing::angel:

If I have to communicate at a 5 year olds level level I could be president of the USA but unless confronted with a toddler in the flesh it’s too hard. We’re both out of luck: you don’t get explanations for all those comments and I’m not qualified to have the codes to annihilate all life on earth but cockroaches.

dude, we kinda know and we are just bullying you… (kinda)

I replied to:
SanDiego4d Aten
I couldn’t find an India room at KGS
You might want to try OGS :wink:
to which I said
Gimme a break, if the guy is here he can look for stuff here himself.
so I’m giving other ideas and not investigating OGS for him.
and this
Since he’s in India and seems in the dark it’s sensible not to shine a narrow beam of light into the dark hole he has fallen into; rather illuminate a path to freedom.
means if he’s in India and is asking here about something in his own locale, it makes a lot more sense to offer a number of other options instead of suggesting he focus his efforts at OGS instead of casting a wider net…

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Oh. I’ll keep that in mind - all obtuseness should be discounted as passive-aggressive acting out. Thanks for clearing that up! :innocent: (kinda) :wink:

Sorry for bumping an old conversation. I’m a Go fanatic from India, currently in Bangalore. In fact, I’m the owner of the FB page mentioned above (https://www.facebook.com/IndiaBaduk/). It’s really nice to see people interested in the game here, but it’s hard to find people IRL who are interested. If you’re interested, we can definitely meet some time when you’re around here?

Also, the IAGA website was hacked, then down, then the domain went up for sale, and I purchased it and revamped it :smiley: --> https://gogame.co.in/