I want to play some of the stronger bots

I want to play Leela Zero
but we cant find Leela Zero now!

when Leela Zero service come back?

I want to play with the elfgo.(3200visit)
But Elfgo and Leela Zero disappeared from this site.
where is that???

Can’t speak for Elfgo, but I know of two Leela Zero bots that are still running at

RoyalZero and RoyalZeroSlow

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that are still running at

RoyalZero 1 and RoyalZeroSlow
I think that aren’t running now!

bots on OGS are run by “third party” players who volunteer their hardware to this. So any questions about avilability are best directed to them.

Most of the leelas are run by @roy7 who (I think) often limits their avilability for strong player who requested them (like the Haylee matches).

I do not know about elfgo, I do not remember it running here (do you remember the nickname?)

But on the off chance that you were not aware, Leela is free to download and play locally on your computer (if you have a decent hardware, or dont mind waiting a bit that is.)


you are so kind.
Thank you!

Hi, yes all my bots are offline at the moment, I’m moving to a new home today. Hopefully internet is restored this evening and I’ll get the bots up tonight if I can. Might be tomorrow.

For ELF I do run RoyalLZ-ELF which uses the ELF weights in Leela Zero’s program with 3200 visit cap. :slight_smile: RoyalLeela is normal Leela v11, and RoyalZero and RoyalZeroSlow are Leela Zero with 3200 and 40000 visit caps.


and where are you? New York?

roy7 !! hi!!
thank you for service about Leela ELF ss
but I cant find RoyalZeroSlow (40000visit)
where is that?

Bots should all be back online. I’m in Florda, eastern time zone.

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Represent. I’m in Venice

You can play a single game against the Leela variants here. OR you can download a version of Leela for your desktop here


and play her to your heart’s content.

One very useful feature is the “Show Move Probabilities” option, which gives you a heatmap of the moves that Leela is considering. This really opened my eyes in terms of learning to see how a dan player views the board.

Great learning tool IMHO.

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