I want to support OGS


I new on OGS, and I like it very much. I think - it’s the best Go server in the whole Internet. I want to support OGS by money. I couldn’t pay a lot, but I want to do it every month. But now we are haven’t Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Google Vallet. I couldn’t use that payment systems. So, I want to ask you - could you receive payments by Webmoney? It is a famous payment system in Crimea, so, if you could accept payments by Webmoney - I ready to a small, but regular support.


Interesting, we’ll look at that… is this popular in other parts of the world also?

We’ll be adding more payment options in the future.

Webmoney is popular payment system all over ex-USSR.


a.) i also would like to support OGS, but i m not a friend of monthly based payments. I can understand that it helps a great deal to have a continuously cash flow that you can foresee. From my side the development of my financial situation is unclear and i don t like regular based payments :/.
Is there the possibility to donate a one time payment?


I have the exact same question as Vicarios. I want to pay something, but I do not want monthly payments because in the past I have had spurious monthly payments on my credit card from some internet sites and I do not want to mix this up with legitimate payments. You are welcome to automatically remind me in a year to pay again.

I’m a supporter. Under two accounts, this and Tomewing1. Not a lot. Only $10 a month. But I think what you folks do is wonderful. You have truly designed a wonderful website. Okay. Maybe not perfect but nothing is and you’ve come about close as you can. You folks are terrific! I admire you. I’m thinking about upping my support. Right now only $10 a month. Probably $20. Need to think. Wish everyone who plays on this site would support you financially. Just wanted to say how much I admire what you’ve done That’s all. but 'll likely up the ante. You deserve it. (Not sure if I put this in the right category but there you go :slight_smile: