I was playing a live game and resigned now it won't load and I can accept a new game

I was playing a live game and resigned now it won’t load and I can accept a new game.

same problem here, only the other guy resigned.

same or similar problem here. the other player resigned but game appeared as still active on my profile

ps love the update!

pps i haven’t checked if i can or not create new games but log out and log in again doesn’t work

Same problem after a time out… It freezed and I currently can’t challenge or to create a game

Hi All,

I was breaking stuff, are things fixed up for folks now?

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yep. thanks!

Yes!!! Thx a lot!


I’m having the same issue now. Opponent resigned but it’s still showing as an active game.

Likewise: https://online-go.com/game/7796795

same problem again

Same trouble. Finished game freezed. Can not use OGS any more until it fixed, too bad.

Resigned games freeze. finished games are always active

same problem here

I have two games that have ended but still says active in my profile.

fixed now, thanks

the same problem here. https://online-go.com/game/7803220

Hi, Is there any workaround to fix this issue? I have a finished game that also appears as active and I can’t accept other games:

nope stuff is still broke for me. Namely,
my live game is over and still it claims
i cannot accept another game because
i am in a live game :frowning:

Hi, I am having same problem; game ended but can’t join new ones because I’m “still in a live game.”

I am having the same problem. Tried to log out and nothing changed.