I won on timeout even though there was a lot of time left

Hi everyone.
Something strange just happened to me:
I was playing this game: https://online-go.com/game/9976096; when a timer and a lightning symbol appeared on top of my opponent name. when it reached 0 I won on timeout, but my opponent had at least 10 minutes left. I’ve tried looking on the forums to see if anyone else had something similar happening to them but I did not find anything.

Is it possible that it is a bug?

It appears that you did not won by timeout, you won by resignation.

My bad, as the resignation anouncement appeared when the timer hit 0 I directly infered that it was a timeout win. But the part I don’t understand is the timer itself.

Thanks for answering so fast :slight_smile:

I just had my first experience of this large lightning bolt + timer appearing over my opponents portrait. I noticed that it appeared when they went off-line. I’m wondering if something is/has been put in place to end live games more quickly when someone escapes or disconnects?

Question answered:

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yea its a new feature for escapers, basically if u disconnect you have 2min before the game makes u resign

Thank you adam! I was surprised because there was not any announcement of it.