I would like some help

I wanted to change my user name to something else, anything please, no jokes. thanks


Not sure how to read your post — you don’t want us to change your username to “something else”, do you?

Sorry for joking :wink: but how about telling us which username you’d like to have? Then we can help you, if that name is not taken.

Or if you make us pick then you will definitely get something hilarious or embarrassing. :smiley:


Your post made me laugh trohde. I didn’t even realise my first post worked both ways. My original intention was to let you guys choose. I don’t want to back out now, but the current name needs to go. Thanks for the help, and thank you both for your hard work and many many hours on this wonderful site.


thanks, great, laughter is the best medicine, they say :slight_smile:

But TBH, I still don’t know what to make of this:

Just let us know what username you’d like. If you’re out of ideas, maybe use some anagram generator on the web?

I’m curious :smiley:

Annnnnd…You must be a coder…hehehehe Change it to “JustONeson please” without the quotation marks please and thank you


Please remember to log out of the forum and back in to have the change reflected here, too.

And no, not a coder, rather a media/communication guy and hobby neurosurgeon :wink: