I would like to "delete" my account (fixed)

Hello, I’d like to “delete” my account. I know that this only means changing my username, removing my friends, and removing all personal information. However, I’m unable to change my username - I tried last month and it didn’t work, and I tried this month and it didn’t work again. Both times, after trying to change my username, it brought me to a page that said “what should we call you”, I guess this is what it looks like when you first sign up? When I entered my new username there, it just refreshed the same page again. Once I entered my old username, it then logged me back in under my old username, and then refused to let me change my name because I had changed it too recently (even though… it hadn’t changed at all?). Again, this happened both times I tried, a month apart.

I am able to remove my friends, but after a certain number of removals, it “throttles” the request and I can’t remove any more.

Finally, I’m not able to unlink my OGS account from my Google account, which I’d also like to do.

I’ve read on the forum that I’m supposed to message a moderator to request account deletion. I did this last week and didn’t receive a response.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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That’s taken care of.

(The delay was simply due to large load on moderators at the moment)

I think you have to tell Google to disconnect OGS from the Google side.

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Thank you! On the Google side I’m able to revoke access to OGS, but then on OGS I can just click “sign in with Google” and grant access again, so there is some kind of OGS-account-level connection to Google… It’s not a huge deal but it would be nice to have that unplugged too. I really do want to fully disconnect if possible.

What’s happening there, if I understand correctly, is that you are re-establishing the connection.

We can’t stop you doing that :slight_smile:

If you disconnect from google side, then you’re disconnected - OGS can’t log you in again without your permission. AIUI.

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Right, you can’t stop me from clicking the “Sign in with Google” account, but when I sign in with Google it immediately logs me back into my existing (“deleted”) account. On other services I’ve used (Reddit for sure, there are a couple of others I don’t remember) when I delete my account, this connection is truly and properly severed. If I click “Sign in with Google” again it prompts me to create a new account.

On OGS, my “deleted” account actually exists forever (just renamed). I understand why that is the case; my games also belong to my opponents, fair enough. But is there really no way in the OGS backend to sever this connection? Consider a hypothetical situation where someone’s Google account has been compromised and they don’t want it to affect their OGS account; there’s no recourse here?


I believe @anoek is the only one that can investigate / resolve at that level, mods don’t have access to those areas

Ah - I see what you mean, I didn’t think of that, but it makes sense. As Bhydden said, @anoek would need to think about that.

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