I would like to see a 100x100 board

I’m pretty sure Lee Sedol could beat Alpha go 3 outta 3 times too, using such a board. And I mean, wouldn’t it look beautiful?

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Imagine five thousand stones on one board in real live!


5000 stones
10s / move
You need just 14 hours to end this game.
It’s very easy to play 1 such game in a week actually.

10000 / 361 = 28 19x19 games


A board without a tengen point?!


depends what those stones are made of but 50+kg of stones is a nice pile for sure.

it would mimic real war I believe

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Alright 101x101. Happy now?

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I bet there is a 3D printer somewhere, that can print you a 101 x 101 meters board.

Now, all you need, is 5000 volunteers to stand around and probably die when you screw up :slight_smile:


It reminds me of the biggest shôgi variant, which has an absolutely crazy amount of different pieces. Imagine trying to memorize the moves and the positions in this game.


@Aymon Thanks for sharing! I love obscure, historical games like this! If only one had time and an opponent to play :smiley: “Ok, so if his free dream-eater kills my long-nosed goblin, I’ll use my drunken elephant to kill his cloud dragon.”

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And a football pitch to put it; a helicopter to carry it; and a ton of catering.

If you use humans as stones, 1 m x area will not be enough.
You need like 2 m x 2.154 m. so thy can sit, sleep, eat and s* when you are pondering your next move. Good luck with logistics, btw :slight_smile: You also need a whole army of drones and drone operators to service this area.

BTW, you also need lots of black and white tents, so players can spend the night on the board and I bet few stones will wake up in wrong tents.


This is going to require the resources of an entire city…

So how do I center my print on the print bed more?

Just keep in mind the lesson that all guys learn when buying clothes for their lady friends…bigger is not necessarily better.