I'd like to promote my go stream on OGS

Hello, my name is Neal and I’d like to promote my go stream on OGS if possible! Recently I’ve been doing tsumego streams most mornings and sometimes do game streams as well.

I’ve been streaming for a couple of years now and try to maintain a high level of production. Would it be possible to add my stream to OGS stream announcements? My OGS username is Nealo.

I often do tsumego from the OGS site on my stream, so it seems like a great fit! My Twitch channel is at Twitch

Let me know if there’s anything else I need to do. Thank you!


Hi, I’m writing to you on OGS


I think you can contact mods directly to get streaming announcements set up

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Thanks everyone, I got set up with announcements! I appreciate the help :slight_smile: