Ideas for annotation symbols

Recently I had the idea of symbolic annotations which could be displayed on top of stones in a kifu, conveying very concisely the reviewer’s opinion of that move.

Symbol Meaning
+ good move, tesuji
x very good move, myoshu
? inaccuracy, dubious move
# big mistake, blunder
/ solid
! overplay, overly aggressive
% overly submissive or defensive
^ small, slow, or overconcentrated
$ bad shape
& reading mistake, a move that “doesn’t work”

Had to look up kifu. Japanese word for game record.

Some suggestions for alternative symbols:

  • ^ (small, slow, or over-concentrated) … <
  • ! (overplay, overly aggressive) … )
  • % (overly submissive or defensive) … (

Edit: how about go emoticons?


good move: :+1:
very good move: :heart:
dubious move: :upside_down_face:
mistake: :slightly_frowning_face:
big mistake: :frowning:
solid: :muscle:
overplay: :crazy_face:
submissive: :man_kneeling:
small: :pinching_hand:
bad shape: :ghost:
reading mistake: :rage:


!! Brilliant Move
!  Good Move
!? Interesting Move
?! Dubious Move
?  Mistake
?? Blunder
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From chess?

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The idea was to, ideally, use only one symbol for each so that they could potentially fit on the stone next to a move number.



Huh, I wonder why Discourse displays emoji differently in preview than on the post. On Firefox, it looks much cuter in preview : D

Perhaps because the preview uses browser emoji and the post uses ones from Discourse itself, made into images and shown directly?


Maybe we should all have emoji signatures for use in forum games~

Some ideas:

bugcat :bug::cat2:

Yebellz :bell::bell:

Sanonius :sunny: (Sun-onius)

Vsotvep :crossed_swords::tv: (VSoTVep)

stone_defender :gem::shield:

Shinuito :sparkles: (Shiny-uito)

Atorrante :ocean: (A-torrent-e)

Starline :star::lion: (Star lion!)

Conrad Melville :honey_pot::classical_building: (Mel (honey) + villa)

Gia :gear:

teapoweredrobot :tent: (T.P. – teepee)

Lys :ant::ant: (not quite lice, but close enough?)

Groin :pig_nose: (following his own interpretation of the name…)

tonybe :honeybee:


We have used emoji nicknames in various forum games. I’ve often been simply :bell: to those afflicted with the emoji disease. But these emoji nicknames also vary a bit across games depending on the roleplay and how individual preferences may change.

This is exactly the reason. Emoji are Unicode characters rendered by your device/browser, but Discourse replaces them with static images once you post, so they’re no longer being rendered locally.

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That made me laugh :smile:
(also because I used to read it like jia, since Italians use soft g before i)

The pronunciation is wrong.



Surely you are over complicating…


Except that now my green tea looks like a bowl of soup… Hmmm

[Edit: I guess someone will move all this to a thread called “what is your emoji name?” soon.]


Good one

I like the main idea but I think your list may be hard to remember. Here’s a compromise between emoticon and your ascii version—it would require setting up compose key, which is also useful for typing in some languages.

concept symbol key sequence after <compose> mnemonic
reading error ¡ ! !
huge blunder, オワ (“the end”) . .
unconnected ð d h slapping a raised hand
solid : .
overconcentrated ¢ c /
already alive å o a putting a stone on “alive”
missed opportunity ø o /
sac ŏ b o moving away ("b"ye)
salvage § o s hook
leaning þ t h
(inadvertently) walking into splitting attack ÷ : -
non-threat ǫ o , wagging a tail
shape-fixing £ - L "pound"ing into shape
miai æ a e
very good move, myōshu ß s s “ear”-reddening

It looks like a cross between chawan (conic or box-shaped, looking at the pictures?) and teacup (round-shaped with a handle). Even though not mentioned in the English version of the article, the Japanese version explains that the word chawan is usually used to refer to a bowl for serving rice («現代の日本において「お茶碗」と言った場合には飯茶碗を指すことが多い。»). For drinking tea, yunomi or teacup is used. Note that plain white bowls and cups are quite common in Japan and they are what I’m used to.


When I was typing, it had a handle. But the post to me looks like a bowl with no handle.

Even more OT: i do feel sad that there is no emoji for a cup of tea (or I’ve not found it)

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This is technically a hot beverage, but I hope it’ll do~

It could pass for a black or smoked tea.

How hard could it be?

Also, conclusive proof that hot beverage should be shown as tea and not coffee: POLL: the most important questions

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